Welcome to No Gravity Studio - a photography business located in Katy, Texas.
We are a photographer and a graphic artist who decided to bring our talents together. Between the two of us we share a lot of creativity and passion for photography, videography, and photo and video editing.  We do what we love, and we love what we do.
Our main experience lies in maternity, newborn/baby and family photography, but we are not afraid to take up other photography projects.
Being parents ourselves, we know that every mom and dad after some time will miss that sweet baby bump. We also know that cute little babies will not stay little forever, and that kids are growing up way too fast. Time flies with no mercy and things are changing constantly, and we understand the importance of great, timeless photos, which can bring the sweet memories back.
What makes us different? We create, we do not mass produce.
An image captures the most precious moments and we thrive to make those memories perfect. Every project gets our full attention and dedication, which makes it unique and special.
Our goal is to make sure that every photo shoot is personalized, as everyone is their own person. That is why we meet with you prior to the shoot to get a better understanding of your expectations towards the session, and to answer any potential questions you may have.
We are constantly looking for opportunities to improve our photography skills, but also opportunities to help others through photography. You can read about some of our projects and volunteering actions by clicking on the Fundraiser or Blog tabs on our website, or by visiting our Facebook page.
Contact us for more information or to book your session. We are looking forward to discuss your expectations and ideas with you, and meet them with a creative concept that will make your photos stand out!







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